JUNE 2016

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20.30 l KONZERT

Fresh Panties # 3: Oracles - Record Release Party

A hand picked concert series brought to you by Fenster is BACK and BETTER than EVA with it's first SUMMER edition...serving up live music, DJs and the freshest panties around.

'They're shit hot!' PETE DOHERTY

https://soundcloud.com/ oraclesparadise





20.00 l KONZERT


Compañero Carlo Comeback Concert


Compañero Carlo (live)
+++++ )

Feierabed Poetic Cumbia

+++++ DJ Badre




Sa 04

23.00 l KONZERT

Sierra Manhattan


As many others, it is in his student room that SIERRA MANHATTAN began to compose. A bit of a slacker, always hyperactive, he recorded his super peaceful first album under the name "YANG"- Nested in the arms of Un Blonde or Juan Wauters, he chills listening to African or South-American music. Getting inspired by the works of his illustrators' friends. Alone or with the company of his bros (Alex Van Pelt de Coming Soon and Mount Analogue, Remi Richarme and Florian Adrien from Satellite Jockey) SIERRA MANHATTAN, a band from Lyon (France), offers us a new album full of pop-loVE-fi hits we listen in loops, sitted or lay still, eyes heart-shaped. The new album is out NOW under Atelier Ciseaux and AB Records.

listen ----> http://soundcloud.com/ sierra-manhattan
Entry : 5 EURO

Do 09

20.00 l Konzert

Fête d'Adieu: Creams + Friends of Gas

fête in den Sommer!
Mit heftigem Doppelbesuch:
FRIENDS OF GAS kommen aus München und den 80ern, klingen aber verdammt frisch. Wird euch gefallen!
https:// friendsofgas.bandcamp.com/

Creams aus Leipzig sind sowieso klasse und waren vor ungefähr einem Jahr bei der allerersten fête d'adieu zu Gast (Geburtstag!!!), jetzt aber mit ihrem Debütalbum, welches ein ziemlicher Hit ist. You know... 
https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=BsVN3GvwWNE
https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=l17dGSeqBq4
https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=zhZFkzi4_Cw






21.00 l Konzert


What Difference Does it Make! 48hours Edition + Liste Noire LIVE


Kann sich noch wer an letztes Jahr erinnern? Wir nicht, deshalb machen wir es einfach noch mal: 48h What Difference Does It Make ist zurück. Wieder im längst geschlossenen Antje Oeklesund.




21:00 Doors
22:00 Liste Noire 
23:00 What difference does it make - 
Guest DJ: Scared to Dance 


23:00 Scared to Dance - 
Guest Djs: What difference does it make

Eventinfo Samstag: 

https://www.facebook.com/ events/494246907447207